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Virtual Tradeshows and Markets 
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Taking a good idea and making it better through technology!

Few if any would challenge the benefits to be derived from a trade show creating high profile, highly targeted business exhibitions and events to establish and maintain business relations, and generate new business.

Traditional shows require months of planning, logistics management and considerable marketing investment by participating companies. Costs include space rental, design and construction of trade show displays, telecommunications and networking, travel, accommodations, promotional literature and customer give-aways, requiring shipping and freight charges – to and from the show. In addition, costs are incurred at the show for services such as electrical, booth cleaning, internet services, and drayage (also known as material handling). Typical fees can range from $5,000 to $10,000 per exhibitor and many times that amount for show sponsors or hosts.

The virtual show is the intelligent way to reap the benefits of a physical show while eliminating the traditional expense and related travel whether you are attending, exhibiting or hosting the show.

Maintaining the benefits – eliminating the hassles!

Cybermax has been designing and building online solutions for over a decade to assist companies and organizations to conduct business and commerce efficiently and cost effectively leveraging the power and reach of the internet to enable global business, anytime, anywhere.

In fact, we created our Virtual Trade Show/Event Management solution in response to a request from one of our customers seeking to provide a virtual dealer market to support his business and customers online in much the same way that his electronic catalog was doing.

With years of experience in the wholesale distribution and retail industry, Cybermax is no stranger to dealer market shows, having exhibited and supported our customers onsite, we knew exactly what would be required to mirror the look, feel and operation of a traditional “physical” show as we designed a “virtual” show to do many (if not all) of the things that exhibitors and attendee’s would expect.

Supporting three distinct user segments – with unique requirements

The Cybermax Virtual Dealer Market or “VDM” for short supports three types of show participants; the show host or owner, the exhibitor and the show attendee. Each user group has unique requirements that need to be supported:

The show host/owner – needs the ability to schedule and set up the show, register exhibitors, manage virtual booths, accept and transmit orders, arrange for payment, shipment, order acknowledgement and communications between all parties.

The exhibitor – desires to populate their booth with branding, products, specials, company information, online brochures, product flyers, and staff their booth with representatives who can interact via instant messaging live or reply to store and forward messages via email. A broad array of promotional features including animated clips and video links can be easily accommodated to provide access and information to each customer visiting their booth.

The show participant/attendee – is fully supported with either pre-registration or new registration affording the attendee to be fully recognized and associated with their own unique profile to conduct business with any vendor/supplier online, efficiently and productively.

The VDM has intuitive interfaces to support the set up, management and operation of all market participants – which is really like having three systems in one!

Your show, your way!

Cybermax offers a robust application suite to support your most demanding requirements and to re-create the look, feel and capabilities of a “physical” show in an online environment. VDM supports both inventoried/stocked items as well as dropship (non-stocked/special order) items, several promotional tiers exist to highlight and incent purchases such as “new items, hot buys, clearance, overstock, pallet orders and more!”

Your show will feature your branding, company colors and can be integrated to your existing company web site for ease of access and promotion. A variety of exhibitor booths can be offered from standard designs through custom premium booths offering greater visibility for exhibitors wishing to be show sponsors.