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e-Procurement Catalogs 
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e-Procurement Catalogs

Cybermax e-procurement catalog solutions allow integration into existing e-procurement applications directly connecting your sales department with electronic procurement process of large companies.

The solution can also be implemented as an online portal allowing corporate buyers and their suppliers to collaborate effectively. The solution facilitates a win-win scenario for suppliers and buyers by enabling suppliers to continue to provide product content in the format available within their systems, and easily map to the buyer formats.

Cybermax's e-procurement catalog capabilities include the ability to:

  • Produce electronic catalogs with customer specific pricing
    Customer specific eprocurement catalogs with customer specific items and contract pricing. Catalogs are updated dynamically from the central product repository to keep information and pricing current.
  • Support UNSPSC coding standards
    The United Nations Standard Product and Service Classification (UNSPSC) is designed to use a ten-digit classification coding scheme to facilitate product searching and expenditure analysis.
  • Support custom Commodity groups

e- procurements catalogs can be delivered in flexible formats such as:

  • Punchout/Roundtrip/OCI Catalogs
    Buyers can use their existing procurement applications to access the e-procurement catalog website and find, select and configure goods for purchase.
  • CIF
    Ariba's Catalog Interface Format.
    Commerce One's catalog format.
  • Tab and comma delimited text files

Vendors e-procurement applications currently supported include:

  • Ariba
  • Commerce One
  • SAP
  • Oracle
  • i2

Cybermax e-procurement Catalogs support various methods of receiving orders - these include:

  • XML
    XML is the expansion of HTML and allows suppliers to identify products and services using standard vocabularies or data tags. Support for cXML and xCBL.
  • EDI, FTP, E-mail, Fax