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Print Catalog

The Cybermax Print Catalog solutions extends our PCMS solution and provides ability to publish to various print formats including Quark, Adobe InDesign and Adobe PDF.

Cybermax Print Catalog features include:

PCMS Database Integration
  • Powerful Graphical User Interface allows user to connect to catalog database and browse/navigate through categories, product families, product items, attributes, attribute values, images and related information.
  • Advanced search functionality to search by product ID (SKU or Catalog Number), category, product family, UPC, keyword or any other product attribute.

Layout Design

  • Catalog pages created instantly by selecting a pre-defined layout template. New layout templates can be designed and added to the template list.
  • Ability to sequence Categories, products and SKUs such that the page flow layout dynamically manages product grouping and sequencing.

Text Styles Formatting

  • Customized text style naming convention, where each database unique element (tag) can be mapped with a style name. Styles can be edited and managed via the catalog repository.
  • Stored styles loaded and applied to the selected page or multiple catalog files to maintain a consistent look and feel.
  • The entire catalog production team can share text formatting styles.

Product Specification Tables Charts

  • Specification tables for the product items composed of list of column headings (attributes) and values are generated automatically with sorted columns as defined in the catalog database.


  • Layout adjustments, images, text, advertisement and other related technical documents inserted manually where appropriate without affecting the linked product data.
  • Generate indexes page numbers automatically based on catalog numbers, category and keywords.
  • Ability to export data in XML format.

Platform System Requirements

  • Support for Adobe InDesign, Quark, Adobe PDF.
  • PCMS database schema on MS SQL Server or Oracle databases.