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Product Catalog Management 
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Product Content Management System
Rich, accurate, and usable product information has become a key asset for companies - Cybermax PCMS powers the collection, management, and multi-channel distribution of digital product information. It allows your employees and your partners to collaborate and create, manage, and publish information to reach customers through web, print, CD-ROM and other channels. The system allows integration and synchronizing of this information with existing enterprise systems and externally with trading partners.

Cybermax PCMS features include:
Product Catalog Management
  Centralized Product Data Management 

Central Catalog Database with a flexible, scalable data model to manage and link a wide range of product information; capturing any type of product attribute content including graphic files, pricing data, trading partner information and other attributes required to effectively merchandise your products.


Supports Multi-Channel Outputs

Web and CD Catalog
Print - Quark, Adobe InDesign and PDF format
e-Procurement - xCBL, cXML, CIF and Punchout/Roundtrip Catalogs

  Flexible Catalog Management

Support for multiple catalogs. Define and edit catalogs by selecting categories and products (items, SKUs). Setup customer specific pricing and cross catalog relationships. Easily move items, categories, setup sequencing rules and indices.


Enhanced Security

Robust security allows companies to establish appropriate user profiles both internal and external to the enterprise, designating specific user roles and access permissions.

  Standards Based Architecture

Stable and secure standards based architecture provides easy integration into your company's existing IT environments. Synchronization capabilities allow seamless integration with internal legacy systems, enterprise applications, and existing data masters. Built-in Export/Import tools for XML, CSV/Text/MS Excel data. The system can be extended to deliver rich and robust synchronization capabilities to your external business partners.

  Intuitive & Powerful User Interface

Intuitive user interface for creating, managing, viewing, and navigating catalog and product data. Sophisticated work flow supports multi-department as well as multi-company business processes enabling key users to create/edit, authorize, maintain and enhance product information through standard processes.

  Scalable Attribute Management

Maintain as many product modifiers (attributes such as description, heading, bullets, color, weight, size) as desired. Attributes can be defined at the Category, Product or Item (SKU) level. Ability to control which attributes will be published.


Extended Feature List

  • Easy acceptance of data taxonomies like UN/SPSC
  • Easily exchange product data with suppliers and partners in standard formats like UCCnet
  • Integrated Digital Media Repository
  • Advanced Product Grouping and Attribute Management
  • Sophisticated Sequencing and Indexing Tools
  • Product & Catalog version control