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Web & CD Catalog 
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Web & CD Catalogs

Cybermax Online and CD-Rom Catalogs (e-catalogs) allow you to easily create, manage, aggregate and publish powerful web and CD Rom catalogs without any specialized database knowledge.

You can implement global or customer specific catalogs with custom pricing, and make it convenient for customers to find what they need through sophisticated search capabilities thet can be used to find products, including the following

Cybermax e-Catalog features include:

Catalog Features

  • Catalog Browse - Multi-level product drill-down: searches through classification (hierarchy) drill-down
  • Product detail page with detailed description, attributes, images
  • Advanced search – item #, description, UPC, model, vendor
  • Searches based on attributes (parametric search)
  • Product comparisons
  • Extensive keyword, wild card searches and free text searches 
  • Customer specific pricing (Tiered, Volume)
  • Customer specific Virtual Catalogs

Design & Layout

  • Fully customizable design - tailored to include your branding, logos and colors
  • Customizable display templates
  • Unlimited main / sub categories
  • Browse by price, mfg, category
  • Integrated store search
  • Customizable product display
  • Thumbnails and large image views
  • Favorites/Wish Lists, E-mail item(s) to a friend