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Cybermax's e-Commerce solutions allow you to reach your partners and customers more effectively, and allow them to do business with you when, how and where they want, you need to consistently present relevant, and accurate information about your products whether through your Web storefront, in-store kiosks or through your distribution partners.

Cybermax PCMS features include:

Supports all of a company's business models and e-commerce sites - whether B2C, B2B or both - on a single platform

  • Supplier Portals
  • Reseller Retail Store Fronts
  • Hosted Sell-thru Stores
  • Dropship Catalog and Ordering
  • e-Procurement Catalog and Ordering
  • In-store Kiosks

Enterprise Integration with ERP and Back office systems

  • Seamless integration for order transmission, order status
  • Support for real time inventory and pricing lookups

Enhanced Catalog Search and Browse Web and CD Catalog

Catalog filtering/masking

  • Restricting the master catalog view to a specific set of users to include or exclude all or a subset of categories and catalog entries

Extended sites

  • Using the same catalog to support multiple sites aimed at different audiences

Request for Quote (RFQ)

  • Deep RFQ and shopping cart integration

Store creation wizard

  • Creation of hosted B2B stores, including catalog filtering

Intuitive Shopping cart functionality

  • Intuitive shopping cart functionality with user friendly features – allowing users to add items, modify quantities, empty cart and proceed to checkout with single click

Advanced Navigation Structure

  • Designed for Reduced Number of Clicks - allowing users to browse catalog easily and place orders with reduced number of clicks. Interface built to make it easier to add items to shopping cart by selecting multiple products using checkboxes.

Flexible Ordering options 

  • Quick Order Entry - Allow customer to add multiple items to shopping cart by using SKU#/UPC Code and quantities Ability to accept and manage POs.
  • Order upload - Allow customers the ability to upload and order file created offline (created in customers POS system) –support for XML, Text/CSV or MS Excel format Order

Enhanced Ordering business rules

  • The system allows management of ordering business rules governing purchase restrictions, shelf packs and broken carton up charge as well as different pricing tiers based upon customer purchases, volume purchases etc.

Payment Options

  • Open Account ordering
  • Credit Card Ordering
  • Support for Gift Cards, Promotion codes and Coupons

Shipping Options

  • Varied shipping option including ship by price or weight
  • Support for UPS, Fedex, USPS and International Shipping
  • Freight Prepaid options

Enhanced Sales and Order Reporting and Analysis