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Cybermax News and Events
Cybermax announces the launch of V4.0.
Monday, August 08, 2005
Cybermax, Inc. the lead developer of Memphis, TN based Orgill, Inc., today announced the launch of Version 4 of Orgill.Com. First commissioned in the latter part of 1998 to design and develop a robust corporate site and e-Business portal for the company’s retail dealers, suppliers and employees, Cybermax has been the developer of Orgill.Com and a host of other E-Business applications and platforms to service Orgill’s large base of U.S. and International customers, suppliers and trading partners.

It is fascinating to reflect on how far we have both come, with regard to Orgill’s early adoption of the Internet, which initially was based upon having a web presence on the Internet, to becoming a substantial part of Orgill’s overall marketing, customer service and global face to customers, visitors and suppliers from all over the world, states Bob Touro, Cybermax’s Vice President of Marketing.

Cybermax President, Som Jha has been the lead architect for Orgill’s E-Business solutions since 1999. Jha notes, 'It is particularly gratifying to experience the tangible benefits of our relationship, yielding so much acceptance, use and success from the marketplace and accolades from industry watchers. We’re justly proud of the friendships and true partnership we have created with Orgill, and appreciative of the confidence Orgill has shown in allowing us to be team members of their E-Business initiatives.

Jerry Cardwell, (Orgill) 's Vice President of Sales Development notes, 'We have found Cybermax to be a great internet development partner for Orgill. Their development support coupled with thorough execution and follow up has always provided an excellent product for us and our customers. At Orgill, we are committed to providing the very best product or service we can in order to help our customers be successful. Cybermax has always strived to mirror that same level of commitment with Orgill.' Version 4 is essentially a totally new e-Business site, redesigned using Microsoft .Net Architecture. The site features a new user interface design, intuitive site navigation with multiple 'cascading drop down' menus to access multiple sections and sub-sections of the site using minimal clicks, a comprehensive content management system and a more powerful online catalog and ordering system. 'Enhancements and modifications have been made to essentially all areas of the website,' adds Jha.

As new needs and opportunities are identified, the new site will accommodate them. 'We’re extremely proud of our collaborative efforts in working with Orgill, to create what we believe is arguably the most robust E-Business/Commerce hardlines web site in the industry, notes Touro.'

For more information about Cybermax, its products and services, contact Bob Touro at (904) 296-6242 ext 15.
Cybermax News and Events
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